Impact Membership

Our memberships here at Impact Strength and Fitness are not like normal gym memberships. Typically, when you purchase a normal gym membership that is the last time you might speak to a person who works at the gym and then you are expected to go it and alone and fend for yourself – this is not the case at here at Impact.

Our membership entitles you to small group personal training. You will train in groups of 4-6 people, and a dedicated coach will be with you for the entire session giving you tips and coaching throughout. The small group personal training has an individual approach to your training and although you will train as a group the session will be tailored to you as an individual.

Membership entitles you to either 5 or 12 group personal training sessions per month (depending on the membership level you choose).

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Impact membership not only includes small group personal training session but it also includes access to all our team sessions that run every week here at Impact. These include:

Impact Fit – Our fitness bases group sessions.

Impact Strength – Our weight training group aimed at improving full body strength.

Impact Combine – This is our Saturday morning fun session when we combine numerous training regimes from the different classes to give you the ultimate weekend session.

Impact Run Club – Our new running club held every fortnight.

Impact Animal – One for our most experienced trainers, this is an invite only session.

Our membership entitles you to either 8 or unlimited team session during the month (depending on the membership level you choose).

Members also receive full support to help in their training through our members portal and support groups. Here you will find numerous education pieces to help you achieve your goals, making our membership a truly individual approach to yourself!

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