What We Do

Here you can find the great classes and packages that we have available.

Impact Membership

We’ve just moved to our new unit and this has now given us the space to be able to offer memberships. Memberships here at Impact Strength and Fitness are not like normal gym memberships, you won’t be able to just turn up at the gym at any time, you will still need to book in and work within our timetable but the true difference is that you will always have a coach with you to guide you through the sessions to ensure you get the best out of your training time.

Our monthly membership will encompass two things:

1: You will have unlimited access to our Impact Fit and Impact Strength classes for the month (please remember to pre-book your place).

2: Added to that you’ll also be able to book onto 8 x small group PT sessions per month. There will be a maximum of 6 people in your group and you will simply pick the time slots that best suit you. The program you will perform will be based around your goals and training preference for that day, you will be able to track your training in your own folder to monitor your progress and help sustain your training, these sessions will also give your training purpose, and help you to achieve the goals you want.

If you have any further questions or would like to discuss our membership please email us on impactwakefield@gmail.com or visit our Facebook page here and leave us a message.

Personal Training

If you’re looking for one on one personal training our coaches can design the perfect sessions tailored for your needs. With a host of satisfied regular clients, personal training at Impact is ideal for those who can’t make weekly classes, are coming back from injury or have specific training goals. We can create the ideal program for you to implement in our own private gym.

Contact us to chat further about what we can do for you.

Personal Training and Class Bundle

What you receive:
* 3 x PT sessions
* 1 x 10 class sessions card

Who is this package suitable for:
* Novice trainers who want to join our group classes but don’t feel they have the level of fitness or exercise technique to be able to do it.

*People coming back from injury who want to get back into training
*Current clients who are already taking part in our classes but want to spend more one on one time honing their technique and exercise execution to get more out of our sessions.

For more information please get in touch either by calling us on 07780 434423 or by emailing impactwakefield@gmail.com

Impact Athlete - Program

Impact Athlete is our 5 week intense unisex program.

You’ll do three set hour long sessions per week and we’ll use varying techniques and methods to help you reach your goal. It’s the perfect package if you have a short-term goal and want to see results quick.

Nutritional protocols and programs are included in this package, we’ll also measure you at week one, three and five to help you reach your goal.

Sessions are set and it’s a block price for the whole five week package.

Our next 5 week block Impact Athlete program begins on Monday 31 July. We only have a few spaces remaining so contact us quick if you’d like to join us. Get in touch for more information, pricing details and to discuss your training goals.

Impact Sculpt - Program

Impact Sculpt is our 8 week ladies program.

You’ll do three set hour long sessions per week where Helen, our female coach will create a detailed training program and individual nutritional plan to help you reach your goals. You’ll be closely monitored along the way and your fellow Sculpt ladies will work with you to give you the best possible progress over the 8 weeks.

Impact Sculpt currently has a waitlist in place. Contact us if you would like more information.

Impact Fit - Class

This is our fat loss and fitness session. Here you’ll learn many exercises and techniques. It’s the perfect session for optimizing fat loss while improving cardiovascular and overall health. Classes are tailored to the participants, and beginners are very welcome.

Classes last 45 minutes.

Contact us to check our class timetable and to book your place. Places can be booked on a pay as you go basis, or you can purchase a 10 class card.

Impact Strength - Class

This session is all about building strength. We’ll focus purely on increasing your overall strength by using a variety of training techniques all aimed at building specific types of strength for you. Our aim is to make you more robust so you can actively enhance your everyday life. Classes last 45-60mins

Contact us check our class timetable and to book your place. Places can be booked on a pay as you go basis, or you can purchase a 10 class card.

Impact Physique - Program

Impact Physique is our 12 week male program.

To join this program you must already have experience of training as it is an advanced program. It’s all about combining fitness, weights and a detailed nutritional plan to help you improve your physique within the 12 weeks.

Training on this program is four set sessions per week.

The current program is fully booked. Please contact us if you would like more information about the next intake dates.